Hi everyone.

2007 is Ten Years After’s 40th anniversary! It’s hard to believe, and very exciting to be touring again. We’re on the road more or less constantly this year in both Europe and the States.  Many US and Canadian fans ask why we don’t play more shows there. It’s a slow process but we are adding more dates Stateside. Keep an eye on our Tourdates page and spread the word!

Looking at our date sheet we’ll be bouncing backwards and forwards between countries and I hope we’ll be playing somewhere near you. Please stop by after the show and say Hello.

The most asked question is “Where’s the DVD?” It will be finished and ready for an end of year release. A new studio CD is also planned for release at the beginning of 2008. I know many people want it now but we have to fit studio time in around our touring commitments!

On a personal note, during my long career I’ve collected some very some desirable basses but it never occurred to me to have a bass built to my own specification until my son Tom, who’s also TYA’s guitar tech, suggested it. Tom’s already built two guitars for Joe and a bass for me but to celebrate our forty-year run I’ve commissioned him to build two special basses.

The first one ready is a 1954 P Bass style swamp ash body with a quilted maple top dyed red. The neck is a Tele bass style with a rosewood fingerboard. Warmoth supplied neck and body parts. The pickups are Nordstrand and the active eq is by East UK.

The bass looks great and plays like a dream. It’s a cross between my first Fender 1960 P bass and my 1962 Jazz bass. Three things are different. The finish quality is vastly superior, the fingerboard is faster and with the pickups and EQ it’s much more versatile in tonal range. Thanks to all involved for making it possible.

Thanks also to all of you for giving us your support.

Kind regards,
Leo Lyons

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STUDIO CD - UK/Europe Release


Click on the album covers for tracklistings and soundclips

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The July 2006 issue of VINTAGE GUITAR magazine
includes a feature on JOE GOOCH

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A short Q&A session with Leo can be found at the NIGHTACTS website

January 2007 - Diary Update from Leo

Hi everyone!
Thank you for supporting Ten Years After and for all your posts and emails. It’s a pleasure to be touring again and we look forward to meeting you at one of our shows.

2007 is the band's forty year anniversary and we intend to make it a memorable twelve months. There's a new CD planned and we will release the much requested DVD.
Our tour starts in Europe on January 12th and we expect to be on the road throughout 2007. We'll be visiting some new countries so keep an eye on the website for new confirmed gigs.

Kind regards

December 2006 - Diary Update from Leo

Hi Everybody
We're at the end of another year and I wonder how it’s gone so fast. TYA have been on tour it seems almost constantly with the occasional break here and there. I can't think of a country in Europe we haven't visited although I bet Chick Churchill knows of one or two.
This year we've played many gigs in the former Eastern Block and what a great reception the crowds gave us. Thanks for that!In the summer we flew backwards and forwards across the Atlantic playing three or four shows in the United States and then back to Europe for gigs there. Confirmed shows are already in for 2007 so keep an eye on the Tourdates for those.

Many of you are asking “Where is the DVD that has been promised in every newsletter since the beginning of 2006?”... Well, we haven't forgotten about it. In fact it’s at the very forefront of our minds. The problem has been finding the time and the right venue to do it. Now time has run out and I think I can say that the DVD will be out in 2007 - and the sooner the better.
Did you know the 2007 is the fortieth anniversary of Ten Years After? That means we have to do something special. Keep an eye out for that - we're working on it.
One thing’s for certain... we'll be playing lots of gigs in the New Year, starting off on January 11th in Germany. Check out the Tourdates page!
Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm during 2006, and have a great 2007.
Kind regards


June 2006 - Tour Diary Update from Leo

Hi Everybody
We’re halfway through the year already and how time has flown by. So far it’s been one run of gigs after another with hardly time to get home and unpack a suitcase before setting off for the next round.

It’s been great to play in so many different places and meet so many great people. Every night we play a show and the next day drive seven or more hours to the next town which is often in another country. This has become our daily routine. Not that I’m complaining of course. I’ve an Ipod and a half dozen paperbacks to keep me occupied on those long journeys.

This year we’ve visited Lithuania and Slovenia for the first time and look forward to returning there soon. It’s rumoured too that we’ll be visiting some far flung distant places before the year's out so keep an eye on our web site for new adventures.

The DVD is a priority for us and we’re scheduling a recording in July; venue yet to be decided. I hope that many of you will be able to be part of the audience. We’ll include some new songs on the DVD along with the old favourites you’ve requested.

We’re playing all over Europe in between touring the States again but you can check all that out on our Tourdates page. Dates are constantly being added so please check back regularly - sometimes even we don't know what’s happening until the last minute!

Thanks to all of you, family, friends, fans, promoters, agents and media people for making it happen

Kind regards Leo

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There is a review of the B.B.Kings show at...


DRUMMER magazine has a feature on Ric in the March issue

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24th April - Tour Diary Update from Ric

We've just returned from Vilnius, Lithuania after a tremendous sold out gig. The Forum Palace was packed to the rafters, literally, as the building is very high. Kristina, her husband Linos and all of their staff looked after us brilliantly. The people were fantastic and some had travelled long distances to see the show. One guy, Ihur, had been a fan for many, many years and had made the trip from Belarus with his vinyl albums!

Later this week we are rehearsing to prepare some new material for the next CD and to change the set list for the new European trip which starts on Friday 28th April. We're looking forward to seeing all our fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland again. During the middle of May we're taking a break and then kicking in again at the end of the month and through June.

We intend to record our DVD (finally!!) sometime in July. Keep your eyes on the tour dates page for details of exactly where and when.

Keep in touch and make sure to say hello when you come to a gig. Thanks again to everyone for your continued support.

Cheers - Ric

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March 23rd - Tour Diary Update from Joe

Hi everyone, just wanted to say a big thanks to all the fans who came along to the US shows. It was a real honour for me to finally get to play in the states. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive on touch down, but it took less then two minutes into the first show in Detroit for any fears to go out the window... you guys were fantastic!

We look foward to coming back soon! It was great being able to hear awesome bands like The Lizards and also Zak Weissinger (I recommend checking him out by the way he'll blow your mind) and all the other geat support bands during the tour. The BB Kings show exceeded my expectations, it was a wonderful feeling to play such a legendary venue - the place has a great vibe and as ever, the fans were amazing, in fact I can't thank you enough for all the positive feedback. Thanks so much.

Thanks to all the people who helped out, especially Arnie, all the guys at the Blues Warehouse radio studios, James, Colen and every one at Celtic House in Fishkill. See you soon guys.

Now we're off to do some more shows in Europe, I'd better go and change my strings! See you later - Joe

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21st February 2006 - Tour Diary Update from Chick


After having had the whole of January off we started back on the road in Milan on February 16th. Apart from the plane not being able to land in Milan because of fog, everything was great!

We were diverted to Brescia/Verona airport where we then had to wait for Tom to drive from Milan to pick us up.

The gig in The Blues House was a good start to the tour, and we met some people we'd not seen for quite a while! The following day we played a sold-out show in Basle, which was great. A two-hour set that night. Great reaction from the audience. On Saturday the 18th we drove to Nancy in France. This gig had also sold out and we could have played there two nights but hindsight is a great science!

Back home on Sunday the 19th. Two days off and then we head out to Germany on the 22nd for three more gigs. Great - I love it! More updates later, throughout the tour.